Interstellar Reports

Episode 37: The Allowance

May 15, 2012
The Allowance by RJ Silver Thumbnail

She woke me by sticking something pointy into my ribs. “Get up, ya sleazeball,” she whispered in my ear. “We’re takin’ a little ride downtown.” “Uh-huh,” I said, rolling over the other way. We’d been watching a lot of 1930’s and 1940’s gangster movies lately, and I assumed she was just fooling around. “Whadda ya?” […]

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Massage Emasculation

April 16, 2012
Massage Emasculation Thumbnail by RJ Silver

As I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog, I love getting Thai messages. I’ve also been amazed at the physical strength and athleticism of the local 100-pound female masseuses, who easily bend and manipulate me despite being half my size. Last night, I found myself ass-to-face with a 250-pound female masseuse, and it wasn’t […]

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Movie Buff Marriage Talk

April 7, 2012
Movie Buff Marriage Talk Thumbnail by RJ Silver

There’s no denying it: Jan and I are movie buffs. We watch every new movie that comes to our local cineplex, and if there are no new movies, we buy DVDs. In the 2o months we’ve been a couple, I estimate we’ve seen at least 400 movies together. Lately, I’ve noticed her focusing almost exclusively […]

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Have You Pooped On Your Patch of Sidewalk Today?

March 14, 2012
Have You Pooped On Your Patch of Sidewalk Today? Thumbnail by RJ Silver

Let’s face it: everyone is seeking that little patch of life we can call our own. Most of us seek it through family. Others try to carve it out in our careers. Still others are more literal and build beautiful homes. I, personally, have had many patches of life along the way. Indeed, I’m what […]

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Women, Barbie, And Me (Part 2)

March 4, 2012
Women, Barbie, and Me (Part 2) Thumbnail

It took me a week to find a new Ken, Barbie, and suitable dollhouse. When I got them home, the first thing I did was sit Ken down for a little heart-to-heart. “Ken,” I said, “I know you’re a young, strapping guy desperately in need of getting some. But there are stages to these things. […]

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Women, Barbie, And Me (Part 1)

February 22, 2012
Women, Barbie, and Me Part 1 Thumbnail by RJ Silver

After reading a great deal about how mercury from my dental amalgams was making me stupid (I’d been searching for the cause for years), I finally went to a dentist the other day to have my four amalgam fillings replaced with porcelain composites. I haven’t been to many dentists in my life, so this was […]

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