My Third-World Girlfriend

book cover of My Third-World GirlfriendGerry Lankin has a problem. All his life, women have been hitting him over the head, usually for good reason. Recognizing he’s at fault, he’s about to make big changes in his life, when he bumps into three older men at the airport. They convince him that the key to romantic happiness isn’t self-improvement; it’s finding a woman with low expectations.

Gerry’s about to discover just how wrong three old men can be.

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Hee heee heeee….Oh lordy! RJ Silver does indeed have a wicked sense of humor. I have been plowing through all of his books, and I just finished his latest offering, My Third-World Girlfriend.  Once again, he combines sharp and stinging wit with a sweet romance. This is a quick read, but filled with humor, social commentary, and a tender love story.  Another winner by RJ Silver! Keep ’em coming, RJ! Penelope’s Romance Reviews

RJ really knows how to build a story and characters in under 50 pages. This was a cute read with some nice ha-ha moments.  The part where the men talk about all their lumps on their heads from past angry girlfriends and being hit with canned hams had me laughing.  Also a very cute ending.  If you’re not reading RJ Silver, you should. – Babbling About Books