RJ Silver

My name is RJ. I’m a man who writes quirky romantic humor books. That alone should tell you that I’m psychologically imbalanced.

Most people ask me why I write. The answer is simple. Like most men, I get in a lot of trouble with the woman in my life. When she’s really angry at me, and I’m hiding from her, writing is the one thing I can do that doesn’t make any noise.

Now enough about me. Let me introduce a truly talented person: my artist, Scott Fiander.

Scott Fiander

I’m Scott Fiander. I’ve been drawing, designing, and freelance animating most of my life. I’ve been able to stay employed (for the most part) in Ottawa for 30 years as the animation industry grows, shrinks, and contorts to the latest technology that presents itself. The past seven years have been at Pip Animation Services here in Ottawa.

As much as I enjoy animating, I love designing characters and the world they live in. I’ve been developing my own characters into a line of greeting cards over the past twenty five years. They’ve been selling in stores across the city of Ottawa. I’m slowly converting the images to digital to sell online here at my store.

RJ Silver appeared in 2010 in a whirlwind of ideas and stories exploding from his quirky observations. It has been a creative journey that has included an amazing playground for me to explore.

Teaming up with RJ has given me a new creative licence.  After all this time in the ‘Animation’ world, it ‘s exciting to be part of something that is new and evolving, even as I sketch and draw. I’m enjoying the challenge of trying to keep up with RJ’s latest observations..